Meteoservis 2.90 for Windows Phone 8[Std,Lite,Pro]

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Meteoservis 2.90 for Windows Phone 8[Std,Lite,Pro]

Post by Radim » 09.12.2014 12:07

This update to version 2.90 includes:
• New: Main forecast data are now updated 4 times per day so you have a fresh weather forecast updated every 6 hours (except Lite edition).
• New: Composite satellite images focusing CZ area to identify low clouds and fog. These composite HRV/IR10.8 images are updated every 15 minutes (during a day only).
• New: Information about Sunrise and Sunset is now available for currently selected location.
• New: Sunrise ☼↑ and sunset ☼↓ information is displayed on Detailed forecast page.
• New: Sunrise and Sunset information for current day is displayed on Favorites locations page under Location info.
• New: From new Favorites locations page you can now quickly add/remove a city from favorites and change other related settings.
• Tip: New Favorites locations page is quickly accessible by clicking on the symbol 'O' next to the location's name
• New: You can quickly choose information shown on Current weather page (or change their order) by clicking on the 'gear' icon on that page.
• New: Markers that separates days added to charts for better readability.
• A couple of user interface changes, internal improvements and bugfixes.

More information please read on official web page: ... scription/

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