Meteoservis 2.30 for Windows Phone [Std,Lite,Pro]

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Meteoservis 2.30 for Windows Phone [Std,Lite,Pro]

Post by Radim » 26.04.2013 10:30

New in Meteoservis 2.30:
• ability to show arbitrary information from Current Weather page on the LiveTile's back side. Now you can have i.e. latest satellite image or temperature map displayed on the LiveTile.
• introducing new method how images shown on the Current Weather page are generated, stored and prepared for the LiveTile. New principle is more space and memory efficient but incompatible with images downloaded in the past. Old images will be automatically deleted and new images downloaded during next sync.
• Light theme UI problems fixed.
• Another small improvements.

More information please read on official web page: ... scription/

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