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MeteoStation 16.10.1

Posted: 13.10.2016 08:58
by Radim
In this version:
• Sound meter for Indoor module is now supported. Noise level indicator and chart is displayed. Support for multiple indoor sensors will be added soon.
• Added Favorite stations synchronization across all the Windows 10 devices on which you signed in with the same Microsoft account. Synchronization is performed automatically within ca 10-20 minutes, sometime it can take longer.
• Possibility to zoom unlocked charts. Double-click to unlock chart, then zoom or inspect. When zoomed, use double-click to reset zoom and to lock chart again.
• Added an indicator when a module contains invalid data or is disconnected. Default live tile will be shown in this case.
• Improved display and scaling on large displays.
• German translation improved.
• Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian translation added.
• Another improvements and bug-fixes. ... 1.en.1.png