MeteoStation 17.2.1

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MeteoStation 17.2.1

Post by Radim » 15.02.2017 12:41

In this version:
• Automatic refresh feature was added. This is useful e.g. when tablet is used as an NetAtmo weather station display or for another "always-on" scenarios. Now, when the application is running in the foreground, the app will perform automatic data refresh in correct intervals so measurements are always up to date.
• Alternate station is used in the case there is no own station attached to NetAtmo account. Alternate station is the first hosted station which was added to your NetAtmo account. Station administrator can send you an invitation to access its station. Then you can access its measurements from your NetAtmo account even if you do not have a real device linked to that account.
• Favorite stations are now alphabetically ordered.
• Small live-tile is now working correctly.
• Charts are by default locked (same behaviour like on Mobile). Double-click to unlock chart, then zoom or inspect. When zoomed, use double-click to reset zoom and to lock chart again.
• For better support and troubleshooting an activity logging feature was added. You can see the protocol in "About the app" page. The log can be send to the author when needed and according to previous agreement. Please contact support by e-mail or via discussion forum first. Just basic activities and errors are recorded by default. These data doesn't contain sensitive information and are never send to other persons or servers.
• Russian translation added.


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